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Keynote and Invited Speakers

Hyoju Chung, Leader  of Data Science at Naver Corp

Title: Analytics & Data Leadership

Abstract: Data-driven decision making is always important in business. Given the success of the tech giants including Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix, big data analytics and algorithm-based decision making are expected to become widespread in years to come. The challenges that many companies facing today in such transformation are lack of quality data, shortage of talent and growing cost. Another obstacle to analytics driven innovation is about data leadership, especially in highly competitive Hyojuindustries where trade-off between performance and market timing is inevitable. This talk will discuss how the data leadership works in a collaborative problem-solving context.

Bio:   Dr. Hyoju Chung is a data scientist at Naver, where she is responsible for turning user behavioral data into business insights that improve user experience. For the last decade, she has worked in IT industry, providing statistical leadership for collaborations in ad analytics, user profiling, click-modeling solution for large-scale search engine. In recent years, she focuses on early extraction of user context and implicit feedback from streaming data. She holds a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from University of Washington, Seattle, and an M.S. in Statistics from Seoul National University, South Korea.

William Watts, Sr. Director, Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center

Bio: William Watts, Sr. Director of the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center (WFSCC), is an experienced professional in government relations, international business, and business technology. Watts is currently responsible for government engagement and William_Watts_12966building strategic partnerships with others in industry, academia, and research for the WFSCC. Watts focuses on strategic food safety programs and, in particular, concentrates on innovation and technology in food quality and agriculture. Before joining Walmart, Mr. Watts served as an Economic Officer in the U.S. Department of State and was a business technology consultant with Fortune 500 firm Accenture.
Watts studied at three different Chinese universities during his college years- Southwest University for Nationalities in Chengdu, East Normal China University in Shanghai, and Heilongjiang University in Harbin. Watts holds a degree in Economics with a minor in Asian Studies from the University of Arkansas where he graduated summa cum laude. Mr. Watts is conversant in Mandarin and has varying fluency in Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

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